Back when I was a kid, I lived extensively with my maternal grandparents.


Even though they were what I considered to be “old” and I had spent so much time with them, I hadn’t grasped on emotional and physical levels, what it meant to be “old” – and understandably so…

I was a healthy, vibrant kid. I was also a budding track athlete and because of my training, I had unbelievable stamina. Growing old was the farthest thing on my mind.

So when my grandparents would complain about arthritis, or high blood pressure or not being able to move as quickly as before, I simply didn’t understand what was causing all those problems.

But as I traversed from my late 30s into my 40s, I started having a better appreciation for what the passage of time can do to one’s body. I started noticing that I couldn’t run as fast as before, nor was I sleeping as well as I used to, and belly fat started to accumulate a bit…

All those changes. I don’t like changes..that much. I have eaten the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…everyday..for years. I’ve watched several episodes of my favorite tv show – “The Sopranos” over and over and over before watching entirely different changes in my body scared me.

Given my personality, the idea to just allow “father time” to have its way with me wasn’t going to wash. So I started reading couple free health newsletters and implemented some of the suggestions made with regards to diet, dietary supplements, and exercise. The information helped me tremendously in improving body fat composition and sleep.

The two most important suggestions I gleaned from my reading and incorporated into my life are:

(1) There is a supplement that every man ought to be taking that does more (a lot more) to boost your health from head to toe and reduce the likelihood of getting diseases of aging (hypertension, cancer, diabetes etc.) than any other supplement or pharmaceutical drug. Problem is that many people aren’t taking it or taking an inferior kind of it. I don’t go a day without taking this supplement.

(2) There is a particular form of exercise that gives you better results in less time compared to other forms of exercises. It gets you leaner and conditions your heart and lungs relatively quickly. If you are pressed for time but want to faster results, this is the type of exercise you want to be doing.

I enjoy reading and writing about ways to improve health and feel better. It’s a passion that offers a dual benefit – I learn how I can help myself and in the process help others to “Propser XL” (Prosper Extra Large) as we age.

In a couple of years, I’ll hit the “BIG 50.” Hmm…I am looking forward to it.